Stonestreet Stables, LLC

5429 E. County Road 58
Fort Collins, CO 80524


Stonestreet Stables, LLC's property has been approved by Larimer County Commissioners as a legal equine boarding and training business.

Independent Trainers and Employees

Here at Stonestreet Stables,LLC, our owners, employees and independent trainers strive to provide our horse boarding clients with the highest quality care for their horses in a pleasant, safe, enthusiastic, and positive environment. Our employees have been with our stable for multiple years and are long term, trustworthy employees. They have extensive equine backgrounds and many years of experience. Our stable's independent trainers are excellent in their respective fields and provide quality lessons to our boarding clients who desire to train with them to excel their horse's performance, whether it be competitive or just for pleasure.

Our goal is to serve our clients and their horses with the best, safest, and most enjoyable equine experience possible, at a reasonable and affordable rate.

Our Great Trainers Include:

Stonestreet Stables,LLC has what we feel are the best employees anywhere! We feel very fortunate to have the knowledge, experience, and capability that Jennifer Rose and Emmett Stonestreet, our manager, bring with them.

Our Excellent Employees Include:

Emmett (Stoney) Stonestreet - Manager and Caretaker

Our manager, Emmett's equine background goes back decades to West Virginia where he owned and operated a boarding stable there for many years. Emmett has worked full time at Stonestreet Stables,LLC since 1994. He is proficient in his skills as a "watchman" and caretaker of all of our client's horses. Emmett gets to know each of our client's horses very well. He studies their habit patterns and is very quick to notice if any horse seems to be a little sluggish or slightly "off."

Emmett has helped many horses at Stonestreet Stables,LLC from ever becoming a colic or illness problem. There have been several vets attribute Stonestreet Stables',LLC very small percentage of equine health issues due to Emmett's extra effort in caring for our client's horses. Emmett lives on site at our facility and does a late evening "walk through" just to check on each horse at night. Emmett does feeding, turn out, cleaning, maintenance, and whatever else needs to be done for our clients' and their horses' stay with us to be, pleasant, healthy, and extra safe.

Employee Home on property of Stonestreet Stables, LLC
Employee Home onsite at
Stonestreet Stables,LLC

Emmett is proficient in his knowledge of feeding and horse care, and is able to avoid potential health problems for our client's horses by following a strict protocol. Emmett has vast knowledge of containment and isolation of any horse showing any signs of illness, and the ability and knowledge of how to keep equipment, feed, water, and farm management practices clean and free of parasite or disease transfer. Stonestreet Stables,LLC as a precaution has practiced bio-hazard control as a staple way of doing business, years before it became a concern for stables or horse owners in the Fort Collins area. Emmett works well with all of the area's veterinarians for the benefit of all of our clients and their horses.

We know of no other boarding stable in the Fort Collins area that has employees that match the vast knowledge, commitment, experience, and "good record"of horse care that our employees possess. We at Stonestreet Stables,LLC have no employee help turnover whatsoever. We strongly feel that it is a huge asset that we are able to offer to all of our clients the security that our employees are both so strong in their own personal successful equine backgrounds, and that they are long term and can be counted and depended on, day in and day out. We are grateful that we do not have the usual chaos that most stables face with their employee turnover rate. Besides being so proficient in his job, Emmett is friendly and really enjoys interaction with all our clients, but most of all, he truly cares for all the horses that he is responsible for.

Having an employee who is so committed to their job as Emmett, makes for a wonderful working environment for everyone who boards their horses at Stonestreet Stables,LLC.

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