Stonestreet Stables, LLC

5429 E. County Road 58
Fort Collins, CO 80524


Stonestreet Stables, LLC's property has been approved by Larimer County Commissioners as a legal equine boarding and training business.

Horse Boarding

Stonestreet Stables,LLC offers competitive and reasonable rates for boarding your horse starting as low as $295.00 per month, per horse, for full care with many extras included. We offer month-to-month boarding contracts, so client never need to feel "locked in."

Our stable and the use of stable's facilities are open to our clients seven days a week, from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Clients hauling boarded or training horses in and out of facility before and after stable's working hours is allowed. We offer convenient lighted horse trailer parking area with no additional charge and a convenient lighted client vehicle parking area.

Entrance to Stonestreet Stables, LLC Lighted customer parking
Entrance to Stonestreet Stables,LLC Lighted customer horse trailor
parking close to client's
individual pipe pens

Your choice of accommodations for boarding are:

We only feed excellent quality barn stored hay. We own our own hay farm, and our hay is premium quality. (Any hay that we raise that is below our high standards does not come onto the facility.) We will feed our client's grain and supplements at no additional charge, or if our client prefers we will provide our grain for a fee.

Beautiful pastures Foaling stalls
Beautiful pastures throughout
the property
12' x 14' Foaling stalls

Farm veterinary service and farrier service are available, or clients are allowed to bring in their preferred veterinarian and farrier. Stonestreet Stables and Horse, LLC's recommended veterinary service is an equine specialty clinic that is on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and is only minutes from our facility. Our stable farrier is a certified journeyman farrier. We offer a large veterinary isolation pen with shelter and auto heated water. It is secluded from all other horses, and away from the stable's amenities and accommodations, yet it is in near proximity to the owner's and manager's home for possible needed monitoring. Foaling stalls of 12' x 14' are also available, with attached pipe pens. Foaling stalls have foaling monitors installed.

Box stall boarding includes daily individual turn out into large paddocks with shelters and water. Box stalls are 12' x 14', and 12' x 18'. Each box stall has a built in swivel feeder, view bars, an auto water, a light, an outlet, a skylight, and a window. Additionally we offer large pipe pens with individual shelters and auto heated water.

Pipe, pipe panel, fiberglass, or vinyl fences
Pipe, pipe panel, fiberglass, or vinyl
fences throughout the property

All fences on entire facility are pipe, pipe panel, fiberglass, or vinyl. There is no wire anywhere on our property, (including all pastures.) Our entire facility is thirty acres.

We also offer a separate gently rolling hill pasture with trees overlooking Upper Cobb Lake, specifically for clients to trail ride in. No horses are ever loose in this specific pasture, so clients may freely trail ride year round in this lush pasture without being crowded by loose horses.

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