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Stonestreet Stables, LLC's property has been approved by Larimer County Commissioners as a legal equine boarding and training business.

About Us

Meet the owners of Stonestreet Stables,LLC Dave and Sonja Craighead!

They live on site at Stonestreet Stables,LLC and are actively involved in the daily business and protocol in the care of horses at Stonestreet Stables,LLC. They enjoy the friendships, business relationships, and strong positive personal interactions with their horse boarding clients. Dave and Sonja also own a productive irrigated hay farm, located about five minutes from Stonestreet Stables,LLC. From their hay farm they are able to produce most of the 250+ ton of top quality hay needed annually to feed their boarding stable operation.

The Craigheads Dave and Sonja Craighead
Dave and Sonja Craighead Dave and Sonja Craighead

Dave's background is one of higher education and accomplishments. Dave has a bachelor's degree in Business that he earned at the University of Louisiana-Monroe in 1978. He continued his education at the University of Louisiana-Monroe in 1979 and also worked in the New Orleans, LA. area from 1979-1981. Dave joined the military in 1981. He attended and completed Officer's training in Knoxville, TN. He then attended flight training, and was stationed at the Louisiana Air National Guard in New Orleans, LA. where he flew actively in the Guard as a fighter pilot, flying the F4 jet aircraft for four years. He has been employed as a commercial airline pilot for the past twenty two years, and is a Captain flying the B737 domestically for American Airlines. In 1992-1993 Dave did extensive volunteer work in Fort Worth, Texas with domestic abuse victims to regain their dignity and build new lives. Dave voluntarily counseled married couples while living in Fort Worth. In 1993 Dave received two separate master's degrees at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX., in addition to his flying full time for American Airlines. His master's degrees are in Education and in Counseling. Currently Dave is working toward his PhD in Psychology, while working full time as a pilot and being co-owner / operator of Stonestreet Stables,LLC.

Dave in his cockpit office
Dave at work in his cockpit "office"

In 1997 Dave moved to Fort Collins and began showing horses as a hobby in 2001. Dave and Sonja met in 2000 when Dave became a stable boarding client at Stonestreet Stables,LLC, at the direction and suggestion of his Colorado equine mentor, Laurie Hartman. In 2003 Dave and Sonja married. Dave has shown in multiple open show circuits in both English and Western disciplines successfully on several different horses. He served on the Greeley Saddle Club's Board of Directors in 2002 and 2003. Dave has shown in Western Pleasure, Showmanship, and Western Horsemanship at the A.Q.H.A. level where he has successfully accumulated points in the A.Q.H.A, and the Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Association. Dave has won or placed at tough A.Q.H.A. shows and State Fairs in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska in 2006 and 2007. Dave has trained extensively under the instruction of great trainers such as: Dammy Johnson, Laurie Krause, Geoff Morris, and Margo and Tom Ball. Under the instruction of Margo and Tom Ball, Dave won the prestigious 2006 Pre-Denver A.Q.H.A. Circuit Championship in Novice Amateur Western Pleasure.

2006 Pre-Denver A.Q.H.A. Circuit Championship Dave showing his 2006 Pre-Denver A.Q.H.A. Circuit Championship
2006 Pre-Denver A.Q.H.A.
Circuit Championship in
Novice Amateur Western Pleasure
Dave showing his AQHA Champion,
"RL Make Me an Impulse" in a
Western Pleasure class

In 2007, again under the instruction of Margo and Tom Ball, Dave won the A.Q.H.A. Reserve Circuit Championship at Denver Stock Show for Novice Amateur Western Pleasure on a junior horse. He also won Western Horsemanship points at the 2007 Denver National Western Stock Show on his second horse that had never been shown in Western Horsemanship prior to this show. Dave continues to work with top equine trainers and to attend Open Shows and A.Q.H.A. shows as much as his very busy schedule allows. Along with Dave's flying career, continuing education, and his active involvement as co-owner of Stonestreet Stables,LLC, he also is planning to continue his equine showing career in Western classes in the A.Q.H.A., and to include competing in English classes in the near future.

Craighead home, outdoor Koi pond Craighead home, outdoor kitchen and living area
Craighead home, outdoor Koi pond Craighead home, outdoor kitchen and living area

Sonja has been heavily involved in the horse industry all of her life. She is a Fort Collins native and attended Colorado State University as an Animal Science major for two years. Later she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management degree from Valley University. She began building the facility of Stonestreet Stables,LLC in 1982 when she purchased the property, built the indoor arena, and began building the stable's facilities surrounding the indoor arena. She has been self motivated and self employed at this facility since 1982, developing Stonestreet Stables, LLC into the high level horse boarding and training facility that it is. Sonja has vast equine experience in boarding, training, teaching as a clinician, competition, and breeding and foaling. She has been involved in professional rodeo since 1988, and is a past Women's Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) Mountain States Circuit Finals qualifier on horses that she has raised and trained. Sonja set a pro-rodeo (WPRA) arena record at the Steam boat Springs Pro Rodeo in 1989, the same year that she won the coveted Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo season finale Professional Barrel Racing (WPRA)Year End Title at that pro-series, on one of the horses she personally trained. She has also enjoyed training and competing successfully at Barrel Futurities in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Oklahoma on horses she owned as well as on horses owned by her clients.

Sonja winning the Steamboat Springs Colorado Pro Rodeo WPRA Barrel racing series in 1989
Sonja winning the Steamboat Springs Colorado
Pro Rodeo WPRA Barrel racing series in 1989

Sonja has had great success over the years in helping her students achieve their equine goals. Many of her students have risen to the top in barrel racing at the local, state, national, and world championship levels. Sonja has coached students to their multiple wins and ultimate championships consisting of: National Barrel Horse Association Colorado District 2 Youth Champion, Dudden Barrel Series Champion, Colorado Junior Rodeo Sr. Girls State Barrel Racing Champion, Wyoming High School Rodeo State Champion Barrel Racer, Wyoming High School Rodeo Champion State Finals Barrel Racer, Nebraska High School Rodeo State Champion Barrel Racer, Little Britches Rodeo World Champion Sr. Girls Barrel Racing Champion, Little Britches Rodeo World Champion Finals Barrel Racing Champion, Mountain States Circuit Divisional Tour Rookie of the Year Barrel Racing Champion, and Women's Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) National Divisional Tour Champion Rookie of the Year. Sonja's coaching and equine assistance has helped many of her students become recipients of collegiate rodeo scholarships, and then many of those students have gone on to successful professional equine careers of their own. Sonja's smooth, quiet, confident, and disciplined style and approach of coaching and teaching her equine barrel racing students have proven effective over the years with multiple students in the utmost and highest caliber of competition. Sonja's methods help her students and their horses cope with stress under pressure, while competing under varying conditions and challenging circumstances - always keeping safety and a winning edge in mind.

Craighead's home Orphaned set of very ill twin foals Sonja nurse back to health and raised
The Craighead's home Orphaned set of very ill twin foals Sonja
bottle fed and raised. Today these two mares
are one of very few sets of equine twins in
the US where both twins survived. The small
one is wearing a dog coat.

In 1999 and 2000 Sonja was hired to coach the Women's Rodeo Team at Laramie County Community College, (LCCC) in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In Both 1999 and 2000 the LCCC Women's Rodeo Team's barrel racers finished high in the intercollegiate standings for barrel racing, under Sonja's coaching. Sonja was chosen to be a member of the Larimer County Animal Task Force Committee in 2000 in 2001, by the Larimer County Commissioners, where she voluntarily served the Larimer County Commissioners, as Larimer County's Equine Specialist. She is active in the Fort Collins and Wellington communities, especially with youth and equine organizations. Sonja is passionately involved in equine rehab of neglected and/or abused horses, and continues to help horses recover and return to competition, or to be placed in good homes as companions. Sonja teaches and mentors many equine youth enthusiasts, and is gratified by the high level of success her students and young friends achieve. Many of her equine youth students have won multiple awards, national titles, trophy buckles, trophy saddles, trophy horse trailers, and college scholarships.

She is a successful horse broker for clients in several different states and enjoys the many cards and letters she receives from her clients concerning their success and satisfaction with the horses they have purchased or obtained through her brokering and sales. Sonja works full time at Stonestreet Stables,LLC as she has done for 27 years, and is easily accessible to her clients and attentive to her clients' and their horses' needs. Stonestreet Stables,LLC operates with great attention to safety and detail for the benefit of each of their clients and their horses.

Craighead's Backyard Beautifully landscaped backyard and Gazebo
The Craighead's backyard The Craighead's backyard

After 27 years in the horse boarding and training business Sonja remains focused and passionate about her clients, their horses, and their personal goals. Stonestreet Stables, LLC was envisioned, planned, designed, established, built, and landscaped, by Sonja. Stonestreet Stables,LLC continues as a very prominent, successful, beautiful, and distinctively the premier equine boarding and training facility in Fort Collins. Sonja has kept her successful business motto of 27 years at Stonestreet Stables, LLC simple: "Always put the safety, enjoyment, goals, and best interest of each client and their horses first, and success will follow."

Beautifully landscaped backyard and Gazebo
The Craighead's beautifully landscaped
backyard and gazebo
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